70 years of the electric drum pump, 70 years of the FLUX brand – celebrate with us!
70 years of the electric drum pump, 70 years of the FLUX brand – celebrate with us!

The first electric drum pump was invented 70 years ago and given the name FLUX. This was the beginning of a success story with over half a million FLUX drum pumps sold. We would like to say “thank you” to all of the customers who have accompanied us on this journey!

Come with us on a journey through time and experience 7 decades of electric drum pumps and 7 decades of the FLUX brand over 7 months. Enjoy various anniversary discounts for 7 months from March to September.

*Country-specific promotions are available at participating FLUX partners.

Stages of a success story

Come with us on a journey through time and accompany us through 7 decades of our company’s history.

50s | the Hesselbach family · Grace Kelly · kidney-shaped tea tables · Toast Hawaii ·
Elvis Presley · Rock'n' Roll · Germany’s 1954 World Cup victory · Marilyn Monroe

1950 is the year in which “Flux” is born, the world’s first electric drum pump. It is developed for the production stage by Phyag KG (subsequently FLUX-GERÄTE GMBH). The “Flux” attracts great interest since only hand pumps had been available for emptying drums. The new “Flux” is also quicker and more versatile than the traditional hand pumps. In 1953, the first explosion-protected model enters serial production.

60s | Berlin Wall · Doctor Zhivago · “Ich bin ein Berliner” · Woodstock ·
Cuban Missile Crisis · miniskirts · Martin Luther King · The Beatles · German economic miracle

During the economic boom the rising company relocates its production from Stuttgart to Maulbronn. At the same time, FLUX also invests in developing new products, with success. In the first half of the decade, two innovations are presented: the FLUXETTA float pump and the FLUX 60 K, a lightweight laboratory pump for acids and alkalis. As materials handling technology develops, the time is ripe to enhance the range of drum and container pumps with liquid flow meters for safe filling with even small quantities.

70s | AABBA · anti-nuclear movement · oil crisis · Bonanza · disco fever ·
Brandt’s “Warsaw genuflection” · RAF · flared trousers · Pink Floyd

FLUX’s growth is unstoppable and in 1973 a 1,300 m² extension building is constructed. The 400 series accelerates growth: In particular, the FLUX F 417, the first drum pump and container pump for portable use, proves to be a commercial success. The range of thick matter pumps is enhanced by the F 550; at the end of the 70s, the new version of FLUX's “FM” type liquid flow meter, developed in-house, arrives. The global sales network also continues to grow: By 1974 FLUX has sales partners in over 21 countries worldwide.

80s | Atari · Boris Becker · Dallas · Denver Clan · Gameboy · Gorleben ·
Live Aid · Fall of the Berlin Wall · shoulder pads · Tschernobyl · Mullet

Finally independent, FLUX reorganises its corporate structures:
The administration (Stuttgart) and production (Maulbronn) departments are amalgamated in Maulbronn. The foundation of the first subsidiary companies in the USA and UK strengthens and develops the export business. At that time, FLUX ensured the environmentally-friendly use of resources in relation to raw materials, transport routes and production processes. One of the most important environmental innovations is the F 425 pump, which allows a 99.98% resource-conserving drum drainage.

90s | Backstreet Boys · the Green Dot · Gerhard Schröder · Jurassic Park · Lewinsky affair ·
Love Parade · Princess Diana · Dolly the sheep · reunification of Germany

In 1991, the decision is taken to build a 2,600 m² new hall. FLUX invests – both then and now - massively in modernising its production and in the latest technologies, which has continued to guarantee a high level of vertical integration and, consequently, the highest production quality. In 1999 FLUX presents the first explosion-protected commutator motor in the world in accordance with the new ATEX Directive; we are also delighted to receive a number of design awards. 1999 also sees the creation of another important subsidiary company for Benelux.

2000s | Barack Obama · casting shows · financial crisis · flat screen displays · Harry Potter ·
New Economy · reality tv · World Cup “summer fairy tale” · 9/11 · tsunami

After almost 40 years, Herbert Hahn hands company operations over to his nephew Klaus Hahn. With him as the new executive director the innovation strategy gains further momentum: New stimulus for growth is created by the FEM 4070, a drum pump motor with speed regulator, the JUNIORFLUX laboratory pump and the world’s first, and until now only, brushless drum pump motor FBM 4000 Ex. A subsidiary company is founded in France and an ownership structure in Thailand, and a takeover of the Cologne company SONDERMANN Pumpen + Filter GmbH & Co.KG completed, a specialist for magnetically-coupled centrifugal pumps.

2010s | Arab Spring · Charlie Hebdo · 3D printers · euro rescue package · e-mobility ·
fake news · refugee crisis · Greta · Hipster · Guttenburg plagiarism scandal · 7:1 · Xbox

FLUX supplies its products to over 100 countries worldwide. Due to increasing demand, a new depot is created in 2014 and another subsidiary is founded in India. Innovative products capture the market: in addition to the small MINIFLUX container pump, which can be attached horizontally to the IBC, and the COMBIFLUX compact drum pump with removable battery motor comes the mobile VISCOFLUX mobile S drum-emptying system; these allow even highly viscous media to be transferred. The FLUX brand now stands for more than just pumps – but always for the values of quality, safety and customer focus.

Our FLUX anniversary offers

Come with us on a journey through time and experience 7 decades of electric drum pumps and 7 decades of the FLUX brand. Enjoy excellent anniversary discounts for 7 months from March to September.

Country-specific promotions are available at participating FLUX partners. Here you will find your local distributor!

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„Pumps in Action“
The FLUX Anniversary Competition

In 70 years, our FLUX drum pumps have conveyed every kind of liquid. You will certainly have encountered one of our drum pumps by now – whether in the (more distant) past or in current use.

Regardless of the decade in which you encountered our drum pumps: We would like to see your drum pump in action! Take part in our competition “Pumps in Action”.

And that is what you can win:

First prize:
iPhone 11 Pro*
valued at €1.149,00

2. prize:
Samsung Smart TV*
valued at €639,00

3. prize:
Bose Soundbox*
valued at €369,95

4. - 10. prize:
Victorinox multi-function tool*
valued at €39,00

* The values indicated are the manufacturer’s recommended retail prices.

*First prize: iPhone 11 Pro (5,8" Display), 64 GB
*2. prize: Samsung Smart TV, 50" UHD TV RU7419

*3. prize: Bose Soundbox, Bose Portable Home Speaker - portable Soundbox with integrated voice control
*4. - 10. prize: Victorinox multi-function tool, Mini Mag-Lite Set

* The values indicated are the manufacturer’s recommended retail prices.

How to participate:


Do you have

  • an older FLUX drum pump, which is still faithfully working away?
  • a drum pump, which defies extreme operating conditions?
    >> Show us everything your drum pump can do with a photo of it in action.


  • a drum pump, that “just” works reliably?
    >> Send us a photo of your drum pump – factual and functional or fun.


  • You still don't own a FLUX drum pump?
    >> Send us a photo of your “helper” in action – with a sentence telling us why you want a FLUX drum pump.

Are you prohibited from taking photos during production?
Simply take a photo of your drum pump outside the production area.


In order to participate in our competition, call up our form; fill it out completely and upload your participant photo (as JPEG).

The deadline for entries is Wednesday,
30 September 2020.

We regularly publish a selection of the photos emailed to us in our gallery. All of the winners will be announced in October 2020 on this website and at www.flux-pumps.com. All of the entries will be entered into the lottery. We look forward to your participation and will keep our fingers crossed for you.


Conditions of Participation

Data Protection Policy

Consent for use of photo

Impressions photo competition

Gallery - For a larger view please click on the picture

Gallery - For a larger view please click on the picture

Do you have questions about our anniversary campaign and our competition?

Don’t miss this opportunity; get in touch with us now:
We are happy to be at your service.



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